2017 World Cancer Leaders' Summit

Mexico City

2017 World Cancer Leaders' Summit
‘Cities driving change'
13-15 November | Mexico City, Mexico

The 2017 World Cancer Leaders' Summit will take place on 13-15 November in Mexico City, and will be hosted by UICC's member, the National Cancer Institute of Mexico (INCAn).

The event agenda will build on the unprecedented global profile that cancer and other NCDs enjoy today, further to the recent adoption of the cancer resolution at the 2017 WHA and the inclusion of NCDs targets in the SDGs in 2015.

Through its theme Cities driving change’, the Summit will engage Heads of State, Ministers of Health, city and industry leaders, First Ladies, Executives from UICC membership organisations and many other influential players from the cancer and health leadership community on how to partner collectively and support cities in translating the global commitments in cancer prevention and care into national action by 2025.

Yet of the four billion people living in cities today, few of them have access to high quality cancer treatment outside of high-income countries. Urban areas therefore present a critical opportunity to reach the majority of people with cancer treatment infrastructure.

UICC's initiative 'C/Can 2025: City Cancer Challenge' will feature prominently throughout the event. 

The Summit is by invitation only and its attendance is mainly open to UICC Members and partners among the global health and cancer leadership community. For more information, please contact wcls@uicc.org


Monday 13 November 2017

Afternoon events:

  • City Leaders Roundtable - closed meeting
  • Ministers of Health Roundtable - closed meeting
  • Leadership in Action Regional Workshop - for invited Senior Executives of UICC Full member organisations from PAHO region
  • Mexican Civil Society Meeting, led by the Instituto Nacional Contra el Cancer (INCAn), Mexico - closed meeting


  • World Cancer Leaders' Summit Official Dinner, hosted by the Instituto Nacional Contra el Cancer (INCAn), Mexico - open to all Summit participants

Tuesday 14 November 2017

Wednesday 15 November 2017

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