Advocacy networks

Dive into the larger UICC network of alliances and partnerships, with whom we work hand-in-hand to make progress in the fight against cancer

UICC unites the cancer community to reduce the global cancer burden, to promote greater equity and to integrate cancer control into the world health and development agenda. However, we cannot accomplish these ambitions without significant support and collaboration.

UICC recognises that innovative and strategic relationships with Organisations, Networks and/or Alliances (ONAs) committed to the fight against cancer, including NGOs, corporations, foundations, ministries of health, and governmental agencies, are fundamental for our mission.

Our goal is to establish new advocacy networks in areas where we believe global and/or regional coordination can be of benefit to UICC and its members in delivering the targets of the World Cancer Declaration and Treatment for All.

UICC Framework

Relationship principles

Principle 1: The ONA must have a strong potential for impact and must further UICC’s purpose.

Principle 2: The ONA’s culture of management and operation must be compatible with UICC’s culture.

Principle 3: The mission, goals, values, and strategies of the ONA must be consistent with those of UICC.

Principle 4: The ONA must have a good environment for collaboration.

Principle 5: The benefits must outweigh the risks associated with the being part of the ONA.

Principle 6: The ONA should not jeopardise any existing relationships with other UICC members or ONAs.

Principle 7: The relationship ideally should expand UICC’s influence, scope, and audience, especially by providing access to other potential members or ONAs.

Principle 8: The ONA understands that the long-term ambitions of UICC are determined by the Board of Directors, and ONAs and their members are not in a position to actively define the strategy. 

Last update: 
Monday 3 July 2017