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International Journal of Cancer (IJC)


International Journal of Cancer - is universally recognised as a leading publication for original papers and review articles covering the full spectrum of topics in clinical and experimental cancer research. The journal concentrates on fundamental studies that improve our understanding of the mechanisms of human cancer and shed new light on effective diagnostic tools and treatments.

Journal of Global Oncology (JGO)

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The open-access, online-only Journal of Global Oncology (JGO) is the first peer-reviewed journal providing  a new platform for sharing innovations, best practice, and programmatic success in cancer control in settings with limited healthcare resources.

The Journal of Global Oncology (JGO) is a project in partnership between UICC and the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) to provide a new channel of communication for the global cancer community. First published in September 2015, it covers the wide field of cancer care, from an overview of cancer care resources in Africa, to themes from clinical practice like the multi-centre trial from India about the concurrent chemoradiation for cancer of the cervix.

Please visit the Journal's website to read more about cancer care and care delivery in resource-poor settings.